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functional map for the applied Translational Wellness care system, except for document 7 or 7


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Document 7 of 7, a list to begin care has been added to this anthology

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This internet site explores the factors, philosophy and capabilities applied in assuring health, wellness, behavior and vital being throughout the span of the Human experience.  Subsequently, the resulting analyses have produced, to begin with, the shared set of factors commonly exhibited in diminished Human outcomes.  The shared set of factors commonly exhibited in diminished Human outcomes then are used to derive the factors correlated with and required by pervasive if not all diminished Human outcomes.  All systems produced and used by Humanity carry information, including interactions between humanity and systems in different eras, which adjudicatively derive improved knowledge, understanding and elute into observation those factors which are most causal of outcomes, but are disjoint in observability, temporality, and understandable relevance.  These systems are explored and deciphered to produce continuous patterns in the human experience from which Humanity seems to have been intended to learn, derive improvements and implement such improvements to the benefit of Humanity and the Universes.  It is requested that the reader or observer of this compendium of research understand that this information is not an iconoclastic measure, but observes how outcomes productive and unproductive, beneficent and unbeneficent, all provide information like language through which the incipient creative forces of the universes interact with humanity and adjudicately make a way for humanity to continue to persist, progress and improve.

The result has been establishment of an efficient algorithm through which causal indicators of disease are cumulatively establish as a  list in which new substantial causal indicators are also attached if such analyses reveals such a newly listed indicator.  The result has been a continuously updated story of each indicator, its function, its correlation to diverse human outcomes, and its modulation by natural, wholistic, and pharmacological factors. Likewise, the result has  been a continuously updated story of each diminished Human outcome, its linked, correlated, required, causal and mechanistically linked causal indicators.

We discovered, as a result, that by the time that the 10th indicator is analyzed for each diminished outcome is incurred and remediated, what is known of as diminished Human outcomes no longer reasonably exist.


This internet site presents a Translational Medicine Model and Translational Research Model into which research, discoveries, capabilities and technologies may be integrated to produce rapid translation into application, care, and Human benefit.  Because the result such analyses observed a substantial difference from the status quo, a model of the analytical processes was produced in an Enterprise,  Infrastructure,  Service Management, Data Science,  Strategy, Program Management and Software Synthesis mostly to alleviate or prevent the factors and inadequacies that have prevented organizations and systems from producing similar derivatization processes and similar empirical solutions to Human challenges.

These analyses found that every system of the Universe has a propensity to prioritize itself over Humanity while every system of the universes can be observationally, analytically, functionally, or otherwise be represented as a pipeline.  Such systems can be inferred, compared, or linked to Human systems in order to enhance understanding, make such systems observable, reveal intangible nuances of the Universe, and allow influence, control or shaping of systems of the Universe integrally to Human benefit. Pipelines may be utilize to automate and mange enterprise services, infrastructure, applications, service, all in a way that enables revealing of important nuances of analysis, understanding, knowledge and wisdom.  These analytically mechanisms have revealed that the common causal factors in diminished Human outcomes are the dysregulation of methylene bridges, particularly as methylene bridge cysteine,  and diminished storage of activated methylene bridges as CH3 by the enzyme PEMT which removes CH3 from S-adenosyl methionine and attaches three CH3 molecules sequentially into the open locations of phospahtidylethanolamine, resulting sequentially in enriched PMME, enriched PDME and enriched phosphatidylcholine.     Each CH3 transferred results in exhibition of a molecule of methylene bridge cysteine, which is also produced by diverse xenobiotic, toxicity management, anaphylaxes management, and other pathways, particularly including antihistamine pathways that also utilize  the methylene bridges in ethanolamine,  phosphoethanolamine, cdp-ethanolamine, and phosphatidylethanolamine.  Dysregulation of methylene bridges impairs how methylene bridges translate current or energy into structure, polymerization pote;tial, and the spooky quantum characteristics of biology that are essential for indefinitely sustainable metabolism and structure.  The photoelectic effect can cause emitting of electrons correlative quantizing threshold achievment and intensity as well as in correlation to frequency of light, resulting in excitation of electrons that can be sequestered by methylene bridges in a way that is not specifically initiated by activation of methylene bridges by strong electron withdrawing groups.


The role of methylene bridges in translatomg current, e-, e- integrated in methylene bridges as hydride or H(2e-)(P1) which results in CH3 that has one of the Hydrogen molecules considered to be hydride, all are similar to how pipelines enable all systems of the universe to be modeled as a pipeline, integrated into other pipelines, compared to other pipelines, correlated with other pipelines and therefore influenced or controlled to Human benefit through shared factors or integrated factors shared by or injected into other pipelines.   This internet page begins by presenting the about 7 major artifacts that are outcomes of the research, although there a dozens of documents and many thousands of pages of research and analyses found within password protected pages and excluded from presentation because of their powerful observations regarding systems and outcomes.

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