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Care Algorithm, Routine, as a foundational simplified list

Alleviating Methylene Bridge Cysteine and assuring MethyleneBridge availability otherwise

Objectives in this regard to is to manage methylene bridgecysteine, or eHCY, to below 6 or7 um/L with a objective of near 3.7 um/L.Methylene bridge pathways can begin with ethanolamine in the CDP-ethanolaminepathway, where PEMT packs methyl groups into phosphatidylethanolamine toproduce hydride/methyl enriched phosphatidylcholine and resolution phasecytokine substrate enriched phosphatidylcholine. While methylene bridges enableDNA, RNA, NADP+/NADPH, Fatty acid, alkane or other essential polymerizations tooccur, while also performing as antihistamines, autophagy promoters, andperforming as and enabling synthesis of primary phospholipids of cellularphysiology. The primary incipient factors in disease and detrimental aspects ofaging include cellular existentialism challenges from inadequate enrichedphosphatidylethanolamine and enriched phosphatidylcholine as well as thefunctions of antihistamines in the CDP-ethanolamine/PEMT pathways.

The factors here provide topical, ingestible, nutritional,clinical, mechanism that can be customized circumstantially to alleviatedetrimental aspects of aging, enable regenerative repair, ameliorate disease ofmovement, cognition, cardiovascular plasticity, and impaired plasticity.

These factors can assist other therapies or replace someother therapies.

DHA enriched Phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylserine,Ca2+ and Ca2+ as part of a mineral supplement also, utilize diverse hexose sugars instead of glucose to circumvent P53 blockade of glute1/3/4 endocytosis of sugar that occurs when PEMT is downregulate or injury causes P53upregulation, Vitamin K2 to alleviate Ca2+ dysregulation, pomegranate extract for mitochondrial resilience, Phosphatidylinositol, collagen, laminin, DHA Enriched Phosphatidylcholine, Methyl shift, Hydride Shift, BHMT, BHMT2,Methione Synthase, s-methylmethionine sulfonium, methylsulfonylmethionine, danshen/redsage/salviaM for transsulfuration pathway activation, INMT, THMT, sadenosyl methionine, Active Hexose Correlated Compound and a Choline Kinase inhibitor, Curcumin and SP1 downregulator with PD1/PDL1 downregulator, Berberine and a AP1 downregulator,  phosphatidylethanolamine,phosphatidylcholine, Selenium (trimethylselenonium, selenium conjugates such as Methylselenol or Methylselenic Acid) CRISPR CAS9 gene repair using transduction domains for complete coverage of all cellular entities, EMF protection, Filtered water,  trimethylsulfonium,Tetrahydryofolate methyltransferase obtainable as gastromend hp of BHMT2activation, PEMT, B6, B12, Selenonium, NOPE1, NOPE2,1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-phosphatidiylethanolamine, NAPE, anandamide and other n-acyl ethanolamines including PEA, OEA, NAE, AEA,DHEA/synaptamide/n-docosahexaenoylethanolamine, n-acetylethanolamine, completemineral supplement with potassium/magnesium, 2 pinches of ancient pink Himalayan sea salt, DHA, EPA, Oleoylate, Trimethylglycine/Betaine/glycinebetain for BHMT1 activation, 6s 5678 tetrahydrofolate, Cystathionine for CBS pathway,  n-palmitoylethanolamine, n-oleoylethanolamine, n-arachidonoylethanolamine,Nad+/NADH supplement, Hydrogen Supplement, Dimethylactothetin for desquamation and Cysteine bridge depletion, Nitric Oxide Donor, Math+/HAT therapy, N-acety lL cysteine,  Indole 2 3 2oxygenasedownregulator such as moringa oliefera or Moringa Tea, kolaviron or kola berry extract, Methylene Blue or Methylene blue and phototherapy, iNOS inhbitor or curcumin/irinotecan Lname/Lnmma, L-arginine, L-citrulline, L-ornithine, activated vitamin D, Ca2+, , Enlyte/EnlyteRX, topical thioglycolic acid, 26 s proteosome inhibitor, 19 S proteosome inhibitor, BAG1 inhibitor, whole animal glandular supplement for agrin and matrix content, agrin grafts to cardiac and other tissue, laminin granules as designer proteins or granularized connective tissue/matrix from food organisms, granularized connective tissue/matrix, kidney stuff by golden standards, TMAO downregulation and Carotid Intima Media flow/plasticity assurance and leaky gut downregulation with 33dmb/tmaLyase(downregulator)/RegularLaxative/Prebiotic/Probiotic(especially BifidoInfantis)/Postbiotic/Macrobiotic/BroadSpectrumAntibioticforEmergency/OliveOil/GrapeseedOil, A vitamin supplement that includes maximum levels of diverse plants/oils/sources, peroxiredoxin, glutathione, reduced glutathione, dimethylsulfide, Ethanolamine, molecular hydrogen, therapeutic nitric oxide, nose breathing to enhance nitric oxide production, S1P receptor down regulators,GSK3B inhibitor or Curcumin/watercress, Monocyte chemoattractant Protein1 downregulator or curcumin, GCPR receptor down regulators, bone powder along with methylsulfonylmethane also with agrin and also with whole organism glandular along with phosphatidylcholine for bone and marrow pathology, short duration nonstrenuous exercise using resistance, RNA/DNA nucleotide supplement, Ribose, Dimethylacetothetin to diminish methylene bridge cysteine, only ingestmeat/chicken/eggs/fish if they are micronized/granularized and are ingested with probiotic/prebiotic/postbiotic/macrobiotic/oliveoil/balsamicvinegar/grapeseedoil to prevent TMAO, always monitor for and counteract for L lactate/L lactic acid and D lactate/D lactic acid, orexins are factors that elute consciousness often assisted by stimuli in the environment that perform as a frame to keep conscious focus and sustain arousal, and use A2 Diary only or use a Casein Kinase downregulator.

EMF protection should be applied to a whole area, whole anatomy, and particularly above, below and around an area of physiology exhibiting pathology.

Additional Information

Managing methylene bridge cysteine or the clinical indicator eHCY or elevated Hcy

Elevated methylene bridge cysteine or elevated HCY recommended to be managed toward 3.7 um/L may be optimal. Above 6 or 7 um/L risk increases 99.995% requirement at least managed therapy. 10 um/L or higher requires inpatient therapy if accompanied by symptoms and outpatient/office therapy if not accompanied by systems. 15 um/L or higher require inpatient therapy.   Methylene bridge cysteine treatment toward 3.7 um/L should be a priority in medical, physiological, regenerative, behavioral, emergency, acute, subacute, inpatient, outpatient, office, home, allopathic, traditional, Eastern and Wholistic care.  S-adenosyl methylene bridge cysteine should be therapeutically targeted for 0.012 um/L.  

1) Elevated HCY, clinical indicator HCY or eHCY, methylene bridge cysteine

a) Bystolic or Nebivolol.  Saline.  NMDA Receptor inhibitors

b) Phosphatidylcholine, Choline, Alpha-GPC, Choline Kinase alpha inhibitor Pregnenolone, DHEA, S - Methylmethionine sulfonium, Methylsulfonylmethane, A complete mineral supplements, minerals from pink Himalayan sea salt, a complete natural vitamin supplement with B12/B6/thiamine/pantothenic acid/K2/Biotin, Riboflavin, other vitamins.  Glutathione.  Catalase. Selenium. Sulfobetaine. Superoxide Dismutase. N Acetyl L Cysteine. Peroxiredoxin-6.   Cysteine. Histidine. Cystathionine.

2) Transsulfuration  Pathway Depletion of methylene bridges to nonmethylene bridge cysteine.  

a) This suggests that sulfur should be added to B6, Methionine, NAD+, Serine, Danshen/Red Sage/Salvia M, Propionate, Succinate.  

b) Metabolites Cystathionine, Cysteine, Alpha-Ketobutyrate, CoA, Glutathione, and simple Sulfates such as H2S or HS, and Cystine.

3) Managing methylene bridge cysteic Acid, Derivative of methylene bridge cysteine

a) Saline along with Alkalinization Therapy.  

b) Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 as Menaquione-4.

c) NMDA Receptor inhibitors

4) Managing methylene bridge thiolactone, Derivative of methylene bridge cysteine

a) However, PON1 by a number of factors.  

b) PON1 Translocation through SREBP2 and SP1 integration at the PON1 promoter occurs resultant of Statin, Quercetin and Glucose.

c) PON1 activation through the aryl hydrocarbon receptor occurs resultant of Quercetin, Resveratrol and Aspirin utilization.

d) Berberine, however, induces PON1 through the JNK-c-JUN signaling pathway.  Resveratrol is a phytoalexin.   trans 3,4,5,4′-tetramethoxystilbene

e) Pomegranate juice polyphenolics stimulate PON1 expression through the PPARy-PKA-cAMP signaling pathway.

f) Unknown mechanisms of action enable PON1 upregulation resultant of utilizing Curcumin, Betanin, Isothiocyanates, Licorice Polyphenolics, and olive oil.


5) BHMT Pathway for decreasing methylene bridge cysteine through recycling into Methionine

a) Glutathione. Trimethylglycine. 6s 5678 Tetrahydrofolate, Zinc. N Acetyl-L Cysteine, Peroxiredoxin.

6) BHMT2 Pathway methylene bridge cysteine through recycling into Methionine

a) Glutathione. S-Methylmethionine (S – Methylmethionine Sulfonium). 6s 5678 Tetrahydrofolate, Zinc. N Acetyl-L Cysteine, Peroxiredoxin.

7) Thetin-methylene bridge cysteine Pathways decreasing methylene bridge cysteine or eHCY through recycling into Methionine

a) Dimethylthetin, Trimethylsulfonium, dimethylsulfonioacetate, ethylmethylthetin, dimethyl-alpha-propiothetin, dimethyl-beta-propiothetin, ethyl methyl-beta-propiothetin, dimethyl-gamma-butyrothetin, methionine, methylsulfonium, trimethylsulfonium, ethyldimethylsulfonium, butyldimethylsulfonium.

8) Thiopurine/Thioether S – Methyltransferase

a) Existing S-Adenosyl l methylene bridge cysteine , H+, and 6 methylthiopurine.

b) 6 – methyl thioguanine, H+ and existing S -adenosyl L methylene bridge cysteine.  

c) Existing S -adenosyl L methylene bridge cysteine and a thiopurine s – methylether

9) Methionine Synthase

a) 5, Methyltetrahydrofolate, Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin

10) Trimethylsulfonium Tetrahydrofolate N Methyltransferase

a) Trimethylsulfonium and 6s 5678 Tetrahydrofolate bidirectionally potentiates dimethylsulfide and 5 methyltetrahydrofolate

11) S-adenosyl Methionine Synthetase

a) Methionine, Water and ATP, potentiate phosphate, diphosphate and S-Adenosyl Methionine.

12) MARS1/MARS2 Methionyl – tRNA – Methionyl Ligase

a) Methionine is important because it is a starting factor or primer in synthesis of more than 99.5 percent of gene transcription products. MARS1, for instance, as Methionine tRNA Ligase catalyzes synthesis of AMP, diphosphate, L-methionyl tRNAMet   from ATP, L – methionine and tRNAMet.   MARS1 occurs in the Nucleus of Homo Sapiens and MARS2 occurs in the mitochondria, performing a role in enabling incipient nuances of synthesis of RNA in Ribosomal Molecular Machines.

13) S-adenosyl methylene bridge cysteine Hydrolase, SAH, SAHH

a) NAD+ availability, compared to NADH, potentiates production of methylene bridge cysteine or HCY from S-Adenosyl methylene bridge cysteine or SAH.

14) INMT, Indolethylamine N – Methyltransferase, Thioether S - Methyltransferase

a) Dimethyl Sulfide, Trimethylsulfonium, a primary methylated amine, a secondary methylated amine. 2-methylthioethanol, Dimethyl Selenide, Dimethyl Telluride, Diethylsulfide, Tryptamine, Diethylsulfide, all along with H+.  Increased levels of S-Adenosyl Methionine can naturally potentiate this enzyme toward S-Adenosyl Methionine, but the trimethylated versions of these substrate are exclusive in catalyzing activity toward S –Adenosyl Methionine.  Trimethylsulfonium, Trimethylselenonium, Trimethyltellurium , and possibly Trimethylglycine, although Trimethylglycine can be used by BHMT to produce Methionine and Dimethylglycine.  Trimethylsulfonium produces linear graphs of the depletion of S-Adenosyl methylene bridge cysteine or SAH because it is used by TTMT toward 6s 5678 Tetrahydrofolate/Dimethylsulfide, used toward Thioglycolic Acid/Methionine by Thetin – methylene bridge cysteine Methylpherase, and used toward S-Adenosyl Methionine/Dimethyl Sulfide.

This data has been derived by and from systems of civilization which, as intended, derive information from human outcomes, and integrate these into capabilities available for continuous improvement in human outcomes. Often, these are implemented as advancement for humanity even though it may sometimes seem that progress may be inadequate. Likewise, information technology has become integral into transforming human outcomes into information, utilized for the advancement of humanity. The most important exhibition of the most foundational act of service to the Universes and act of service to the creative forces of the Universes is to live, primarily, oneself, then to live among related beings, then to live among groups, communities, civilizations and among humanity aggregately. Most approximately, thereafter, is the priority is to enhance, improve, sustain and support the human experience individually and aggregately, particularly because humans exhibit consciousness and the cognitive capacitance, uniquely among the known universes, that is able to consider and prioritize themselves, others, the biome, and the Universes. Excellence in managing, supporting, and provisioning systems of civilizations, research, and information technology in particularly, are of substantially competence in these important synergies exhibited among persistent, successful species and organisms of among the Universes. 

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