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Pyst protein subverts the warburg effect, item 2 of 2

Updated: Sep 18

Selenium processing enzymes result in small amounts of sulfide which jumpstarts INMT processing of sulfides to potentiate synthesis of either s - adenosyl methionine from s - adenosyl methylene bridge cysteine or inverses, resulting in bidirectional metabolism that participates in s - adenosyl methionine directly from a methylene bridge cysteine metabolite. Other ways of producing s - adenosyl methionine including recycling of methylene bridge cysteine into methionine followed by synthesis of s - adenosyl methionine by SAM synthase which was formerly known as Methionine Synthetase. The important role of INMT is general processing of amines and amides using methyl groups as detoxification factors and using amides and amines as detox group, CH3, carriers. Thiols, or sulfides, Selenides and selenium, tellurides, and other factors each can culminate in trimethylation to produce trimethylselenonium, trimethylsulphonium and trimethytellurium, although other trimethylated amines/amides can similarly become exhibited, with some of these being potent activators of other enzymes.

Thetin Methylene Bridge Cysteine Methylpherase, THMT, is deactivated after incipient anatomical development resultant of inadequate sulfur availability and decreased levels of THMT activating molecules such as trimethylsulphonium, although numerous other activators of THMT are known including the synthetic dimethylthetin which was discovered din 1878 to massively decrease methylene bridge cysteine levels at 700 times the potency of other known metabolites in this capacity. However, the cascading interactive bidirectional activity of INMT results in production of trimethylsulphonium in context of increasing availability of sulfur to produce aggregate sequential continuous cascade of sulfide to 1methyl sulfide, to 2methyl sulfide, and then 3methyl sulfide or trimethylsufide including trimethylsulphonium. This aggregate sensing of sulfur availability to result in trimethylsulfide results in adequate sulfide to decouple intramolecular sulfide bridges within THMT. The intramolecular sulfide linkages result in a gelatinous phase that emerges when inadequate sulfur is exhibited, while sulfur availability frees these linkages and allows the enzyme to reenter metabolic processing of methylene bridge cysteines.

THMT enzyme is among the most pervasively exhibited enzymes in tissues of anatomy and its inactivation constitutes unutilized anatomical capacity, use of anatomical compartment mass, all until it is activated into efficient depletion of methylene bridge cysteine to produce methylthioglycolic Acid which is a desquamation factor that counteracts advanced differentiation in cellular membranes, structures, vasculature, tissue, glands and organs desquamation or resection of these toward embryonic or tissue competent embryonic or pluripotency. Therapeutic inhibition or downregulation of AP1 is also known to cause cellular entities to inversely develop away from senescence and concluding phase differentiation toward embryonic or tissue competent pluripotency.

Methylene bridge cysteine causes apoptosis signals in cellular entities, mitochondrial potential disruption, all requiring BCL2 and survival signaling to prevent dissipation of anatomy, including P53, P21, P27 which cause cellular cycle pause in specific phases of the cellular cycle, each including hypertrophic phases in which cellular entities are accumulating factors to prepare for isolation from signal transduction and noncommunicative tunnelling through the concluding phases of the cellular cycle until completion, such that during optimal conditions the caveolae opens again and resumes interaction and direction that includes systemic, tissue and local signal transduction. YAP/TAZ are factors that are modulated to regulate cellular division response to interactions with extracellular matrix or other cellular entities, resulting cellular division until a percentage encompassing contact with cellular entities emerges, interaction with extracellular matrix or connective tissue emerges, and until mitogenic control is imposed by agrin within extracellular matrix which responds to fluidity and plasticity changes in extracellular matrix by modulating proliferation of cellular entities that encompass the extracellular matrix.

Agrin recruits innervation and acetylcholine receptors in developing and repairing process in physiology, being essential in organisms that regenerate anatomy along with PEMT function which is essential also in such regard. Agrin is also essential for tissue stem cellular entities and monocyte stem cellular entities in marrow, performing as nursing entities the escort and chaperone development of such cellular entities. INOS/NOS2 can impair this process by depleting Ca2+, opening pores in the endoplasmic reticulum interaction with the plasma membrane, causes local depletion of Ca2+, producing systemic gradients in Ca2+ that deplete Ca2+ from marrow and bones, produce such force that these can cause cellular entities to become dissociated from tissues without requirement of phenotypes resulting in endothelial to mesenchymal transitions.

Methylene bridge cysteine also occupies fibronectin resulting in increased levels of free fibrin, increasing coagulation potential and cause deposition of fibronectin in tissues including cardiomyocytes. This are the major pathways of aging, cardiovascular disease, and other age correlated conditions, although increased Ca2+ in circulation without increased Vitamin K2 results in calcification pathways that also diminish plasticity. Importantly, agrin grafts promote regeneration of the complex cardiac compartment, beginning with changes in the outer cardiac complex, followed by migration into the cardiac complex where massive regenerative tissue modeling occurs.

However, the major factor in oncology continues to be disruption of methyl group metabolism, impaired activation of metabolisms that includes CH3 and decreased fraction of CH3 integrated into cellular membranes by functional, efficient and substantial throughput of PEMT and PEMT2 in particular. Similarly, continued interaction and integration P53 with DBC1 along with INOS/NOS2, with upregulated choline kinase alpha, presents strong loci for therapeutic disrupt oncology and disease.

PTEN protects P53 from ubiquitylation deterioration of P53 by MDM2, although this presumes that P53 has not become genetically impaired and presumes that P53 pathways have not become impaired, presenting an example of how the warburg effect emerges when P53 becomes downregulated or impaired in this function. PTEN is included PINK1 function, such that PINK1 can accumulate in either the inner mitochondrial membrane or the outer mitochondrial membrane in which accumulation of PINK1 in the outer mitochondrial membrane recruits Parkin 1 to the outer mitochondrial membrane where Pink1 integrates with Parkin1 to activation deterioration of mitochondria through mitochondria fusion into submitochondria which can be aggregated into new mitochondria or catabolized by autophagy or mitophagy. This represents a major pathway for dissociation of the mitochondrial associated membrane in which hundreds of mitochondria in the intracellular environment become separated from the endoplasmic reticulum, preventing supply to the mitochondria from the endoplasmic reticulum of metabolites such as phosphatidylethanolamine substrate for PEMT, phosphatidylserine precursor for phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylinositol supply for efficient autophagy activation, and Ca2+ which is essential for mitochondrial potentials or capacitance. PEMT2 deterioration and mitochondrial potential deterioration cause major genetic and developmental pathways to become dysregulated, resulting in genomic instability.

Nope-1, Nope-2, docosahexaenoic acid, extended length arachidonic acid, palmitate first fatty acid in beta oxidation, oleoylate, omega-3 and ether linked insulating fatty acids, all are PEMT2 an PEMT associated fatty acids that occur in the SN-1 position but can also occur in the SN-2 position to assert alkane alkalinity which causes proteins to transform into enzymes and which promote a physiological background ph of 7.2 to 7.6, ph of 7.35 to 7.45 and about 7.4 which enables stable consciousness, optimal gradient between background hydridic character and foreground hydrogen or H+, optimal redox, and optimal cognitive capacitance, essentially allows complex cognitive and brain function to more integrally participate in and intermediate anatomical, structural, and metabolic regulation.

This allows education, learning and research and development to result in improved physiological and behavioral outcomes when such learning is applied in the context of understanding, regulating and improving physiology and behavior.

P53 downregulation of glycolysis downregulates availability of pyruvate and downregulates nucleotide production in the pentose phosphate pathway, such that glycolysis directing of pyruvate into diverse pathways becomes downregulated and becomes sensitive to upregulation of any one of these directed pathways, including downregulation of Acetyl - CoA used to store choline as acetylcholine. Increased free choline upregulates choline kinase alpha attachment of ATP to choline, producing phosphocholine, supplying proteolysis by supplying proteolysis with ATP and cycles of “refreed” choline, upregulating the cdp-choline pathway and upregulating platelet activation. The unfolded protein response then must rescue increasingly impaired protein synthesis that occurs with downregulated PEMT, upregulated P53 and upregulated choline kinase alpha, although proteolysis upregulation is applied to more increasingly deteriorated proteins in this context which is why upregulated proteolysis is linked with metabolic syndrome, phenotype changes and benefits from its energy deterioration by proteosome inhibitors.

P53 impedes endocytosis of glucose, causing glucose to accumulate in circulation, hyperactivating Beta cellular entities in pancreatic tissue, renal tissue and hepatic tissues. However, actively exercising or conditioned muscle tissue can have accumulating glucose shunted into their intracellular environment, which is an environmental response to inadequate choline and inadequate folate or other metabolites. Diminished pyruvate along with diminished nucleotide synthesis, results in a strong directing of pyruvate from glycolysis and NADH, through activity of lactate dehydrogenase, into lactate anion and NAD+ because of a million or more instances of DNA repair each day in each cellular entity causes of persistent PARP signaling at each loci of DNA impairment until adequate nucleotides and repair substrate are exhibited to either repair such loci or allow PARP to dissociate from the Loci to allow Homologous Repair to occur which is considered to optimal or perfect because it utilizes opposing strands of DNA and nonlocal homology patterns to promote increasingly accurate and optimal genomic repair.

CRISPR "perfect" Gene repair also presents similar potential to excise impaired DNA, insert optimal DNA sequences, antisense sequential blocking of impaired genome translation, antisense blocking of microbial gene expression and excision of essential genetic sequences from microbes.

PARP signaling depletes NAD+ by removing the ribose and then attaching ribose to local molecules, resulting in gradients upon which substrate for genomic repair are recruited. This depletes NAD+, produces a strong gradient upon which pyruvate and NADH are potentiated toward NAD+ and lactate anions, resulting increased nicotinamide which has to be detoxified by nicotinamide methyltransferases causing increase in methylene bridge cysteine, resulting also in depletion of NADH and pyruvate, promoting lactic acidosis, promoting immortal phenotype in new progenitor cellular entities and promoting apoptosis among already differentiated and senescent cellular entities, resulting in parthanatos as a syndrome that results in dysregulation of anatomy, physiology, control, and oncology potentiation.

PARP interactions closely with YAP/TAZ and confluence pathways. PARP inhibitors are used in oncology therapy and alleviate warburg conditions resultant of NADH and Pyruvate depletion which are a version of upregulated energy metabolism occurring during P53 upregulations and during PEMT downregulation. The protection of PEMT dysregulates glycolysis toward 32 molecules of energy per cycle and upregulates pentose phosphate pathway throughput by as much as 60 percent or more including NADPH increases and nucleotide synthesis.

Methylene brides and divinyl double methylene bridges are essential because methylene bridges sequester energy, light or current, as e-, electrons or wave functions from the environment and translates these into structure, polymerization potential and current, including directly linking sugars of DNA, directly linking sugars of RNA, directly linking aspects of NADPH/NADP+/NAD/NADH, when activated by strong electron withdrawing groups in particular, but also enabling sequestration of e- into Hydrogen H1e1p to produce hydride (H2e1p)-, such that also potentiated in is the integration of H2e1p into CH2 to produce CH3. The photoelectric effect includes photons or light being exhibited at frequencies that result emitting of e-, which can then be integrated into physiology by CH2, explaining by methylene blue and photoelectric therapy are used to produce therapy in oncology, microbiology and regenerative medicine.

EMF exposure, potentially including RF, magnetic fields, each result in exposure to electromagnetic energy and atomic particles that, when not at thermodynamic thresholds which impair tissues, and when not particle emittance associated with ionizing radiation, imposed an affect by activating cytokines which inhibit PEMT, increase methylene bridge cysteine, promote luminal and endothelial expression of phosphatidylcholine specific phospholipase/phosphodiesterase, Phospholipase D and iNOS/NOS2. These contribute to levels of methylene bridge cysteine and promote tissue remodeling.

The research and data observe that statistical outcomes have been substantially changed since synthetic EMF and RF have been introduced into systemic influence in civilizations, which is interestingly because the changes are not obvious because outcomes that are changed may often be displacing or replacing of the outcomes that might have been exhibited otherwise. However, certainly, oncology and pervasive disease may require persistent exhibition of atmospheric particulate, environmental particulate and synthetic EMF/RF/Magnetic influence in order to emerge, persist and advance toward diminished behavior and diminished physiological outcomes. However, these factors contributed to the cytokine load that aggregately becomes reflected in methylene bridge cysteine levels and diminished PEMT function in particular.

Ionizing radiation is regarded as particles being emitted by radioactive molecules or material, typically imparting suboptimal influence because such particles impair tissue, displace electrons, cause emitting of electrons or photons from tissue, and become integrated into atoms or tissue to continue emitting ionizing radiation. The incipient use of atoms in applied contexts involved fission or separating the atom, while more advanced application involved using energy from fission to cause temperatures at which fusion might occur, resulting in biphasic statuses in which fission released, followed by fusion release, followed by fission, etc., occurred. Incipiently, there was not complete certainty regarding if the incipient application of atom fission in massive effect would result in an immitigable cascade that might result in abrogation of the human experience, particularly because such application was preceded by achievement of sustained reactions in experimental contexts. Also, uncertainty axioms present that there is particular percentage of such massive fission and fusion of which there is no complete understanding of what really happens or where such uncertain percentages go. However, it is reasonable to observe that the massive radioactivity emitted in some environmental contexts resultant such era of development, testing and application of fission and fusion in massive applied contexts, suggests that in some regards, such reactions continue to occur in subacute levels as radioactivity.

The important observation is that the massive utilization of energy from fission and fusion when applied to impart detriment, may be somewhat unique in the aggregate characteristics of such applied contexts, being different from what had occurred in the universes ever before. Such applied contexts may have not only been detrimental to particular aspects of some particular conflict but may have been anathema to the very idea of biology and very idea of humanity, at least from a universes level perspective. Again, and again, it is the interactions among systems, including systems at geopolitical systems in particular, which result in consideration, performance and completion of such applied application of fission and fusion.

Also, the literature can be obfuscative when it comes to synthetic electromagnetic, EMF, Magnetic, and RF influences, particularly because typical massive application of EMF involves displacement of electrons in a source location of current and in a distant location where EMF is aggregated to produce gradients for flow, emittance and application for particular use. Analysis in such compendium of research observes the displacement of electrons in such contexts may result in the cytokine expression observed in EMF and RF exposure, disrupting universes level zero point hydridic field and changing the ability for hydride to be eluted by biology enabling factors and changing the behavior of hydridic integration and behavior within living molecules. The literature was not openly and unobfuscatively, ubiquitously, or openly acknowledging fundamentals of current, displacement of electrons, attenuation or seepage of current that escapes recirculation, and the concept of conservation of mass and energy which indicates that any generator of current must get electrons for sustainment of such current from somewhere among the universes.

The data is interesting. The expanse of time beginning in 1950 until about 2009, change each year in synthetic EMF production was 98 percent or more inversely correlated with changes each year in the most diminished of outcomes. A communications act restructuring RF communications and implementing nonanalog communications in 2009 changed this correlation to be a near 98 percent or more positive correlation each year in the change in synthetic EMF production compared to changes each year in the most diminished of outcomes. Since about 1890, introduction of EMF infrastructure was correlated with obvious and clearly observable changes to outcomes. It is amazing, if it becomes nearly 100 percent confirmed, that such effect occurs resultant of e- supplied to the biological synapse compared to e- integrated into Hydrogen as Hydride (H2e1p)- which allows CH2 to efficiently direct e- into structure, polymerization potential, and stored hydride.

Thus, too much of anything can be detrimental. Cytokines are typically the way in which detrimental influence produces diminished outcomes. EMF, RF, atmospheric particulate, environmental particulate, the level in which one’s personal information and communications information is exhibited both non internet and internet systems to promote more focused application of these toward any one individual or any community, all emerge as opportunities to downregulate cytokine imposition of methylene bridge cysteine and downregulate imposition influences which impair genome or downregulated PEMT.

Removing all personal information and location information from internet, computing, and other systems emerges as strong therapeutic priority. Cleaning the environment of PFOS, pet dander, mold, dust, insects, and other detrimental molecules or material becomes essential. Placing all literature, paper with written information, devices with data on them, clothing, cleaning chemicals, other chemicals, all in enclosed containers, becomes therapeutics. If incurring any kind of sanction, civil, economic, behavioral or otherwise, then changing address and phone number or other info becomes therapeutic. If others in the community or area also become affected by sanctions in such regard, then moving or changing phone numbers or addresses, all become therapeutics because it is location, and shared linkages that most enabled genetics become to become exhibited as clusters of statistical outcomes affecting particular populations at higher rates. Organic, nongmo, natural foods that are in no packaging or glass containers, including those prepared in safe metal contexts avoiding plastics and PFOS contexts, all become therapeutic. Filtered water that avoids PFOS containers and plastics, can be therapeutic.

Also, covering all power outlets or power plugins, including power strips with tape or EMF safe tape becomes therapeutic. Making sure that dwelling structures are cleaned of pet and insect dander, mold, and other particulate emitting factors, including under the home and within attics, closets and other areas, becomes therapeutic. Covering all appliances with EMF covering, faraday enclosures, or EMF regulating stickers and devices, all become therapeutic. Utilizing EMF safe bedding, curtains, window coverings, clothing, coverings of head and neck including helmets with visors, coverings of areas of physiology in which disease may be manifested, and utilizing hygiene products that are hypoallergenic to conserve methyl groups unless these exhibit glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, betaine, phosphatidylcholine, etc., all are therapeutic vectors to consider. Community levels insulating of power lines and power infrastructures also becomes therapeutic.

Air purification, oxygen supplementation, Nitric Oxide, H2, all can be therapeutic. Disabling all autocomplete and suggestion capabilities on electrons, devices and user interfaces can also be therapeutic.

Placing any mobile or nonmobile electronics device that uses a communication protocol, emits light, or uses energy, all in metal containers or emf coverings, while disabling all communications protocols because EMF can be emitted even when such devices are not being used or are not turned on or power up. Disabling location and telemetry on communications, computing and other devices can be helpful. Removing images and likenesses from internet systems can be helpful. Requesting that name, property information and property locations be removed from public websites from map application on the internet or otherwise, also can be helpful. It can be helpful to move such devices to a very distant location that has EMF safe structure.

Producing internet ‘sinks’ which are insulated complexes distant from population centers which can be used by organizations, groups and individuals as addresses, to redirect internet packets, and as an internet ground like a grounding system for electrical current circuit, all can assist in diminishing unregulated current translation between infrastructure and environment.

Important contexts in this regard include “water from air” technology which generates water directly from the air and represents resolution of a major challenge to civilizations and populations everywhere. This capability has been deprioritized in the context of use of water by human populations in every capacity including agriculture. “Water from Air” deprioritization has resulted in sustained unnecessary regulation, unnecessary social constructs and sanctions, along with sustainment of strong influence over human physiology and behavior by maintaining, privatizing, commercializing and commandeering foundational requirements of physiology and behavior, all in a way that allows human outcomes to be bent or impressed into outcomes that benefit systems. Such impressment also includes impressment into subversive patterns and subversive outcomes.

An antecedent era context of impressment is important to understand. Eras of involuntary servitude legitimacy exhibited social constructs that impressed those not in involuntary servitude into performing as accomplices and participating in imposing social constructs or sanctions specifically imposed upon populations affected by involuntary servitude. Similarly, there are anecdotal representation in the literature, upon a context of a social welfare wilderness and Human welfare wilderness, in which conditions in the underdeveloped and undeveloped civilization context in which destituteness and observation of diminished outcomes occurring in alternative contexts which explain the emergence, sustainment, tolerance and mitigation of the obvious moral duality, duplicity or multiplicity of involuntary servitude.

The social welfare wilderness and human welfare wilderness of the regions where involuntary servitude became sustained anathema to obvious nuances of reason and rationality became the mitigation context in a known condition in which destituteness deteriorates the ability of populations to adequately prioritize self, others and Human priority. The emancipation proclamation abrogates such involuntary servitude except in the context of deprivation of liberty through social constructs and sanctions, in a way that cast the social welfare wilderness and Human welfare wilderness into a focused sustainment within systems and processes which deprive liberty, generate social constructs and derive sanctions. Resultantly, one version of involuntary servitude became imputed into another while systemic processes of decisions, social constructs and sanctions became able to impose complex contexts of subjugation that cast the outcomes of freed, destitute, diminished political efficacy into complexes that allowed benefit to be obtained from diminished outcomes at physiological, behavioral, social, economic and other levels.

Also being sure that during typical discharge times from local facilities of systems that susceptible groups are protected by these or community level EMF protection and filters, becomes therapeutic and prevents diminished outcomes at behavioral and physiological levels. Finding a new location or implementing EMF protection to disrupt the sometimes hundreds of wireless protocol fields that encompass dwellings and areas, can become strongly therapeutic. The compendium of research linked to this document found that the encompassing influence of systems was amplified in effect by any objective, revenue objective, incentive scheme, systemic objective that involves or requires exhibition of diminished human outcomes, resulting in benefit being obtained from exhibition of diminished outcomes, thereby become participative, enabling or causing diminished outcomes. Even draconian measures of that seem productive that can result in decreased outcomes of particular versions, such as extreme sanctions that have amplification schemes which are similar to amplifying drg rating, length of stay, costs, and outliers that used in outlier payment requests and reimbursement, merely allow more substantial focused benefit to be obtained from such outcomes in a way that allows systems to be prioritized over human welfare, human health, and over humanity, particularly because such schemes ignore incipient and empirical causality and allow detrimental outcomes to occur.

This allowed occurrence of diminished outcomes ignores incipient causalities, prevents the requirement of understanding and acknowledging incipient causality while also obscuring the social welfare wildernesses and human welfare wildernesses and allowed deterioration of the neurological basis of social behavior that begins in gestational circumstance which pervasively of most substantial, incipient and empirical causality to diminished outcomes. Such conditions obscures the fact that pervasive diminished outcomes do not exist in nature, occur substantially different than in nature, involve contexts, conditions, artifacts, persistent exhibition of stressors to produce cortisol which do does not exist in nature, and involves methylene bridge cysteine which does not occur in nature, all which result in deterioration of the brain, areas of the brain used for control involvement of higher levels of brain function in decisions and management of stimuli/response pairings, conditioning, recall of conditioned response in different locations and contexts, the blocking function of conditioning, conditioning in a general sense, and resilience of endogenous capacitance to displacement by environmental stimuli/response and externally impose capacitance that displaces endogenously originated capacitance.

Intricate analysis reveals that every detrimental nuance of the status quo, representing divergence from reason and irrationally, when adjudicatively analyzed in the context of an individual, may be completely rational when considering that natural resources have been sequestered away for obtainment only through impressment into complicated, sometimes expensive, sometimes delayed obtainment, schemes in which benefit is being obtained from preventing free obtainment of those factors, conditions and resources which constitute satisfaction of Human requirements, social requirements, behavioral requirements and physiological requirements. Particularly, ridiculously obtuse misguided nuances of concluded morality are involved such as the preference for giving a “hand up,” instead of giving a “hand out.” Such turpitudes are often expressed in context that confirms the sequestration of resources freely obtainable in nature way from populations, requirement of participation in complicated schemes to obtain such resources, the imposition of profit being derived when such essential requirements freely obtainable in nature are obtained in civilization, and exclusion of obviously mitigating technologies to exploit the social status, economic status, or group status of those being refused a “a hand out.”

“Water from air” technology disrupts this exploitative context but is excluded because human priority is too adequately achievable at global levels when “water from air” technology is implemented in developed, developing, underdeveloped or undeveloped areas. Also, “permanent magnet energy” produces power by using strong magnets oppositely positioned to cause a generator to turn permanently, spontaneously, without substrate or fuel, without detrimental byproducts, with massive current able to supply power to massive aspects of civilizations using form factors egregiously and heretofore unrepresented in such application. All devices, vehicle, transportation, systems, technologies and applications, including IoT small device networks, all can be powered without requirement of deterioration of natural resources and without requirement of diminished status of the environment. Calnetix is an example of organizations which are able to provide megawatt level or higher power supply with generators smaller than compact automobiles.

These capabilities have been excluded because these would prevent scapegoating processes in civilizations and at global levels in which individuals, groups, communities and even regions have been impressed into exploitative schemes, subversive patterns and subversive outcomes. Also prevented would be the way in which ways in which production or providing of services, products, goods or other beneficial factors have been implemented to cause the most collateral, generational and detrimental effect to provide more opportunity to produce new or provide increased volume of services, products or goods. The characteristics of each product, good, service, marketing campaign, or sales campaign, provides differential data and information about the product, service, packaging, campaign characteristics, shapes, colors, smells, textures, concepts, and associations used in such regard. These enable increasingly intricate understanding of physiology, biology, behavior, perception, cognition, response, conditioning and commandeering of the factors that would lead to resolution of deficiency in nature to the benefit of massively controlled consumer and Human function without having to understand how these are linked to diminished Human outcomes. Systems which are used when diminished human outcomes occur then are used to attribute causality to individuals, groups and in deterioration of communities to obscure that allowed deterioration of and commandeering of the neurological bases of social behavior and physiological, molecular, metabolic, and social nuances of optimal health.

It merely seems that in some contexts other than social democratic it becomes somewhat improbable that empirical causality that transcends the level at which benefit might be obtained from diminished outcomes might be ascertained outside of focused, intricate, analytical contexts. Such focused analytical contexts, interestingly, seem to be rejected in processes that generate social constructs, decisions and sanctions, except within the intricate nuances of procedure that exists within the system nuances in which social constructs, decisions and sanctions are implemented. Systems, Humans within systems, are not incapable of such intricate analyses. Indeed, such intricate analyses sometimes transcend the complexity and extensiveness of the complexity required to understand how Human priority becomes excluded in such detrimental nuances of the status quo. Examples of intricate analysis of particular controversial topics having been rejected from the education curriculum exist. These contexts are a useful example of the nature of majoritarian political systems which potentiate that exclusion of reason, irrationality, inadequate understanding, diminished conceptual nuances of psyche that pervasively involve beguiling information that victimizes those to whom such diminished conceptual nuance has been imputed, all are potentially represented openly or tacitly within a majority. These are amplified in egregiousness when systems that develop or produce decisions, social constructs and sanctions are allowed to implement intricate nuances of procedure that exclude reason, irrationality, accuracy, science, biology, nuance of philosophy, behavior, cognition, or other factors.

Instead of implementing entitlement programs that become activated or which humans become eligible for at conception in a way that benefits the nucleus of reproductive participants, maternal carrier or host, mitigates every reason for which a decision might occur to the detriment of the gestationally development context, and enables greater than poverty level contexts of being among such individual or group, and is sustained as an assured level of being throughout the duration of being, including assured care that focuses on resolving and preventing the causes of diminished behavior, diminished physiology, adverse behavior and adverse health events, and counteracts the detrimental factors in aging, there seems to be a systemic preference for only implementing beneficial potentialities or asserting a priority for life by simultaneously imposing detrimental potentialities, diminishing Liberty, producing an social construct with incomplete understanding of causality that results in generational and collateral or ancillary detriment, and producing sanctions. Often the way in which systems promote, enable, cause or allow exhibition of the conditions resulting in sanctions or for which social constructs might be applied, all are ignored, not represented, underacknowledged, not acculturate into population awareness, and allowed to persist for harvesting as diminished outcomes by impressment into subversion or status subversive outcomes that reflect morality imposed upon populations.

These include open imposition of sanctions with an intent to produce examples through imposition of sanctions which are clear violation of due process and reflect both a political motivation and reflect divergence from secular assurances in determining outcomes or asserting of nonsecular contexts that are allowed within systems prioritizing Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

The intricate truths that enable assertion of Human priority may, in many instances, not be asserted because they are disruptive to the status quo, may be unpopular because in levels of analysis utilized by vast majority of the population these may be easily refuted by inaccurate, obfuscating and misinformation that causes Humans to implement systemic decisions, social constructs and sanctions that are anathema to their own interests. This paradox emerges as volumes of diminished outcomes at behavioral and physiological levels, including rates of abated vital being, diminished duration of being, and stifled advancement in resolution of the factors that result in this diminished favor for Humanity imputed by such nuances of systems. A useful example is the imposition of financial sanctions for reproduction in which instead of implementing assured Human requirements programs and assured social requirements programs at conception, some civilization penalize those within the reproductive context in a way that can be egregious such as sequestering all of their economic resources to cause highly destabilizing event that has the potential to cause an event involving massive abated vital being, has the potential of causing abated vital being among those affected by such sanction, and results in implementing or potentiating poverty among those involved in such sanction, producing reliance upon such sanctions, and causing systems to subvert or diminish priority of reproduction and subvert or diminish priority of vital being. Resultantly, all of the universe effected by systems impute a diminished priority for vital being and reproduction including influence beyond the heliosphere, the observable universe, the expanse of the universe that is able to interact with through quantum entanglement, and thus pervasive systems of the biome and the Universe. Correlatively, some civilizations implementing such penalization for reproduction have diminished the achievement of those in a reproductive context and have resulted in exhibition of reproductive rates in recent years that are lower than have ever been observed since the emergence of such civilizations.

Often, particular perspective regard size of bureaucracy as a less than optimal vector. Importantly, hardly any perspective or political ideology would have been able to dispense with their objectives, priorities, acts and administrative actions without a capable, experienced, and competent bureaucracy. Diminishing the size and apparatuses of bureaucracies are detrimental to opportunity, efficacy and generational advancement of civilizations. However, what is lucid in the observation of bureaucracy in such regard is the assurance from program, policy and decision synthesis through KPI, Service Levels, and effect to Human populations, is an assurance of Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness and Human priority in a general sense. Every social construct, sanction, decision, program and policy element should implement focused and competent applied program and policy synthesis, implementation, and continuous feedback and improvement to assure that change or existing nuances of systems are effective, do not impose general detriment, do not impose collateral detriment, are not exploitative of particular groups, and do not ignore the factors such as cortisol and methylene bridge cysteine including how systems participate in translation of these into Human outcomes.

Inputs, operational policies, procedures, and objectives, including outputs, correlates, mechanistic links, dualities, and how other analytical, research, programs, data, decisions, policies and sanction affect Human outcomes, all emerge as important considerations of how systemic elements assure Human priority and how these might be changed to increasingly assure Human priority.

These factors are presented here because they are factors in diminished physiological and diminished Human outcomes. These factors are presented here because sometimes even the most obvious factors affecting population levels outcomes can be omitted for centuries, such as the paradox of inflation, which is an allowed increase in prices generally but also particularly among those services, products, goods and resources essential to assuring Human welfare and social welfare. Recent focus on programs that prioritize the potential of inflation to eventually destabilize every economy represent an amazing foray into alleviating a most obvious vector of destabilization in every civilization which has ever existed and a vector that is inherently irrational because economic systems are synthesize and do not represent an uncontrollable and inadequately understandable quirk of nature. What might be even more intricately direct would be ascertaining the products, services, goods and resources required potentially for quality of being, but certainly which constitute satisfaction of Human welfare and satisfaction of social welfare, along with indefinite stabilization of prices in a way that is as immobile or unchanging as is possible regardless of how eras progress and civilization level economics change. This observation is presented here because an obvious homologue, preventing and alleviating the cause of disease, diminished physiology, diminished behavior, and aging, which are incipient impetuses in any civilization along with Human welfare and social welfare, has escaped being specifically presented programs, policy, decisions, and social constructs.

Persistent exclusion of such obvious priorities result in detrimental nuances of civilizations which may be exhibited even in the existing era. Systemic level, intricate, focused analytical theory should be excluded from education curriculum because without such training, it may be less possible to derive simple, focused, effective solution to obviously irrational nuances of the status quo otherwise. Particularly, particular theoretical implementation of inclusive systemic level causalities to diminished human outcomes would only lead to an objective acknowledgement that involuntary servitude is not the result of impaired psyche among particular groups because diverse groups, even intragroup contexts, imposed involuntary servitude, while pervasively diminished perspectives that produce intergroup factional potential involves victimization of those whom are conditioned into diminished perspectives and also includes the intricate physiological, cognitive, psychological, psychiatric, social and other effects of social welfare wilderness and human welfare wildernesses which are allowed to persist particularly as mechanisms through which division is promoted among populations. These dynamics enable systems to prioritize themselves over Humanity and are vectors through which advancement among the Human experience becomes stifled.

These dynamics are known to be exhibit Roemer's axion or dynamics in which construction of a healthcare facility in an existing service area can typically result in correlated increases in diminished outcomes including abated being because methylene bridge cysteine and factors which cause methylene bridge cysteine increases, including PEMT downregulation, had been, have been, and possibly may now sometimes be omitted from priorities in care, programs, systemic acknowledgement and adequate prioritization when determining care and outcomes within systems otherwise. It is know that about 70 percent or more of diminished outcomes can be linked to a disproportionately lower percentage of the 100 percent aggregate population, representing a recidivist group who are pervasively of impaired function, exhibit increased cortisol, increased methylene bridge cysteine, increased 3methylaminenoxide (3methylaminenoxide), increased nonresolution cytokines, increased deterioration of the brain with also neurological lesions and brain lesions, homelessness or unstable housing, emotional distress or impairment, learning or cognitive impairment, nutritional impairment, exposure to environmental/aquatic/atmospheric particulate, exposure to EMF/RF/Radiation that can include displacement of endogenous cognitive capacitant fields, conditions that require displacement of stimuli/response pairings to cope with subculture realities, zip codes in which all of these are coupled with linkages to systems to enable an inferno of diminished outcomes when systems facilities begin to become emptied, and are exposed to noise pollution or victimization from noise that deteriorates physiology, neurology and behavior.

Such populations are acculturated to consider that the diminished outcomes are inherently originated and of endogenous behavior, accepting attribution of causality to them and their character that allows the causal factors to persist, produce even more diminished outcomes, deteriorate the quality of being and being of even more aspects of the population, prevent systems from considering or acknowledging empirical, incipient, most substantial, disjoint developmental, disjoint temporal, disjoint in observability causal factors. Many of these factors are the incipient and empirical impetus for civilization and the outcomes which are exhibited among such populations reflect not only inadequate resolution of Human welfare and social welfare requirements, but may be factors newly introduced into the human experience which do not exist in nature such as the sequestration of natural resources away from humanity in civilization, including water, land, shelter, etc., which then are only obtainable after schemes of preparedness to earn economic resources to reobtain these resources is incurred by populations or have not been incurred by populations to prevent obtainment thereof. Such populations may have substantial percentages of PTSD not only from their experience in particular roles in civilizations, but also from the conditions to which they are exposed to in civilization, including social constructs and sanctions which ignore causality, attribute causality while ignoring how civilizations systems have been substantially and incipiently causal by preventing satisfaction of Human and social requirements, ignore centuries of exclusion and forcing of populations out of legitimate contexts into subversive contexts including bias and outright destruction of nonsubversive contexts of enterprise constructed by some groups which now exhibit higher percentages of recidivism, ignore attempts to implement genocide by linking destituteness with impaired cognition and forcing prevented reproduction among the disadvantaged and imposing deprivation upon the destitute and impaired without acknowledging the role of civilization is causing destituteness and such impairment. Pervasively, those experiencing diminished outcomes are unaware of the acculturative and imposing nature of the causal factors to their exhibition of such outcomes.

Correlatively, methylene bridge cysteine levels are correlated with diminished behavior, diminished physiology, diminished outcomes, susceptibility to mishaps, susceptibility to falls, and susceptibility of being a victim in a diminished outcome. A moratorium that removed the ability to imposed abated vital being in 1972 until 1976, resulted in a massive decrease in abated vital being that was trending from 20,000 actual decreases by 1976 on curve that was steepening toward 100 thousand or more by year 8, and potentially a million or more by year 12. This massive trend in decreased abated being was also exhibited in almost every other civilization or are upon the Earth. Particularly, modalities of mass transportation experienced 75 percent or more decreases in mishaps during such moratorium of 1972 to 1976. Also, during the 1972 to 1976 moratorium detrimental acts of a substantial nature, using particular artifacts that affected system workers of particular kinds, decreased to levels observed in the 1950s. The moratorium was concluded in 1976 in a way that clearly suggests a massive ignoring of social welfare and massive deprioritization of the welfare of Humanity within not only one civilization, but also among all civilizations. The asserted reason for concluding of the moratorium was that "social constructs and sanction do not have be a deterrent" confirming and sustaining the complete use of irrationality in producing social constructs, decisions and sanctions that do not require their effect to be ascertained, which can be ineffective, which can scapegoat or focus on particular aspects of the population, which can cause even more increases in the outcomes for which such sanctions or constructs might be applied, which can cause massive detrimental, collateral and generational effect, even including the massive deterioration of particular zip codes where all of these factors converge to create infernos of diminished outcomes.

A statistical analysis was conducted in this compendium of research. A statistical hazard ration was produced which calculated the number of diminished outcomes, mishaps, victimizing outcomes, and other diminished outcomes which occur compared to an instance of abated being occurring. The calculation presented that in order for 1 million instances of abated vital being to occur, 550 million of such diminished outcomes were statistically necessary. 550 million is more than the population of the civilization used in the analyses and multiple such mishaps occurring in any one year was possible while the 70 percent of outcomes are typically attributed to a recidivist 20 percent of the population that is group of underserved, impaired, victimized and scapegoated populations which are cultivated and harvested by assuring the persistence of social welfare wildernesses and Human welfare wildernesses. Hardly anywhere in the process of impressing these victimized populations into subversion is the systematic affect of cortisol, methylene bridge cysteine, persistent PTSD enabling conditions, objectives that require diminished outcomes, and benefit being obtained from their diminished outcomes ascertained, considered, acknowledged, including social constructs, considered in sanctions or even allowed to be imputed in procedural nuances that are designed to exclude how systems cause, participate and enable such outcomes by inadequately dispensing with the incipient and empirical impetus for civilizations.

These populations act against their own interests, act against Human interests, increase their own risk, obviously exhibiting diminished neurological basis of social behavior, all occurring through the harvesting, galvanizing and commandeering processes within civilization that cultivate susceptibility to diminished outcomes for impressment into subversion to satisfy systemic priorities and detrimental aspects of the status quo. The conditions and events which enhance susceptibilities are imposed upon civilizations, particular groups, and particular zip codes through political dynamics in which the powerless are victimized by particulate, EMF, inadequate opportunity, withholding of education about systemic victimization, excluding intricate analytical contexts that reveal these patterns, acculturation of subversion by attributing causality to such groups and individuals, ignoring the requirement to ascertain incipient and empirical causalities, and producing objectives and merit which allow benefit to be obtained from diminished outcomes. These obvious factors in diminished outcomes seem to rarely avoid exclusion by nuances of procedure in the systems which intervene diminished outcomes.

Perhaps its time that system workers be allowed to be successful dispensing with Human priority instead of victimizing system workers exposing them to systems which have not intent on changing the status quo because such change disrupts the status quo, prioritizes Humanity over systems, and more precisely assures that systems are the silver frame that assures the golden apple priorities of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Among such change is substantial increases in pay to enable counteractance of the effects of such hazards. Among such change is stabilizing prices for factors that are essential to Human requirements and social requirements to prevent price gouging and victimization of communities, groups, system workers and populations. Among these are alleviating hazards to system workers. Among such change is the implementing of services that support all of the potential outcomes produced by such hazardous working conditions. Among such change is implementing of monitoring, feedback and improvement for every social construct, program, decision, or sanction implemented in a way that ascertains the effectiveness, collateral detriment, generational detriment or path toward improvement for such social constructs, program, decisions or sanctions.

It has to be considered what effect the complexity which has been cultivated and produced within systems and which intermediate a populations obtainment of essential factors to the social condition, Human condition, and in subverting of subversion itself. Entitlement programs that begin at gestation systemically, systematically, integrally and strongly deteriorate subversion because these enable populations to understand and believe they will be okay. Preventing systems from imposing abated being as a sanction prevents systems from using subversion to cause Humanity to impose abated being among themselves. Removing hazardous artifacts from distribution among populations prevents systems from producing conditions that cause Human populations to impose abated being among themselves and specifically protects system workers from the inferno of misfortune that social welfare wildernesses and Human welfare wildernesses potentiate.

Thousands of years of civilizations have conclusively and as a consensus revealed that attributing causality of outcomes to individuals and groups merely assures sustained application of social constructs, sanctions and deprivation, to which systems become enabling and causal by allowing benefit to be obtained from detrimental outcomes without alleviating causality. Among the ways in which Human priority can be dispensed with is modeling the incipient causal and enabling factors and conditions, the processes which translate these into diminished outcomes, and levels of occurrence or characteristics of outcomes, including optimal and diminished outcomes in this context. These pipelines of causality and activity allow other patterns as modeled pipelines to be compared with pervasive patterns and modeled pipelines to allow all systems, knowledge, patterns, education, analyses and data to be readily adjudicatively analyzed to produce great programs that are of service to systems, civilizations, populations and humanity.

It is not suggested that when the moratorium of 1972 to 1976 was concluded, that information regarding the massive benefit to populations was available and considered. Instead, it is observed that any decision, social construct, or sanction should have and should have the effect to populations aggregately in in focused aspects of populations, adequately ascertained. Similarly, it is observed that systems of civilization should not be utilized to impose the vengeance of populations, particularly when such vengeance is the result of civilization’s inadequate satisfaction of human and social requirements which are pervasively involved in diminished outcomes. However, most importantly, it is observed that inadequate satisfaction of Human and social requirements, and sometimes even when such requirements may be reasonably achieved, involve persistent conditions that cause cortisol and conditions that cause increasing levels of methylene bridge cysteine, both of which are factors deteriorating the neurological basis of social behavior. The contexts for which the most substantial sanctions might be applied can involve depraved outcomes which are inherently indicative of diminished capacity. The clinical, systemic, social and other aspects of diminished outcomes, thus, may being ignored with a focus on vengeance instead of attributing such outcomes to the causal and enabling factors, such as unsatisfied social requirement, unsatisfied Human requirements, and allowed proliferation of diminished conditions, including the allowed distribution of artifacts that are particularly useful in producing the most substantially diminished outcomes. The rules of procedure in such contexts of decisions are obviously designed to prevent imposition or assertion of reason, science, biology, sociology, physics, philosophy and other factors that prioritize modern understanding of systems and Human outcomes over concepts that are allowed to prevail or become exhibited which originated decades, centuries and even thousands of years ago. Much of these allow detrimental nuances of the status quo to persist and challenges to inaccurate solutions, inadequate understanding, and the imposition of disparities in outcomes to be utilized to defend and conjure into effect such nuances of disparity from other eras.

The result has been that system workers have become exposed to continued social constructs, decisions, and linked sanctions, which irrational bases, ignore modern science, biology, math, physician, philosophy, and human priority which even allow the deterioration of immunity to allow system workers to experience sanctions and diminished outcomes to sustain systems which are allowed to benefit from the exhibition of diminished Human outcomes. System workers have emerged to have an important role in protecting people from these systemic dynamics of systems of civilization because, certainly, there have been instances in which systems in their nuances presented in this analysis have potentiated abrogation of the Human experience. The role that system workers have may be continuous and persistent and may involve countless activity, assertions, observations and overseeing of the dynamics in systems which have irrational bases and potentiate diminished outcomes among civilizations and among populations.

Draconian measures may exist and may seem to be effective, even when such effectiveness may be irrationally ascertained. However, even the abrogation of all among humanity would be likewise effective, clearly debunking that the “ends justify the means”, while also implementing the conclusion that a higher standard of Human benefit is not only optimal but is most consistent with the impetus for civilization. Correlatively, draconian measures are irrational because civilizations were created with an incipient impetus to benefit Humanity. Such priority is not sustained by ignoring a focus on incipient and empirical causality while discarding liberty and discarding being among particular aspects of populations. Such priority is not sustained by ignoring the inadequate satisfaction of requirements that pervasively results in diminished outcomes resulting also in disparities because those whom are most different from the majoritarian group imposing such outcomes and those who are the most different from the majoritarian group ignoring such requirements' roles in outcomes, at economic, nutritional, social, cultural, cognitive, opportunity, victimization and other levels, become tyrannized by these sociopolitical majoritarian dynamics. Such dynamics that do not sustain human priority, thus, ignore science, biology, physics, data, and sociology to instead use conceptual bases, systems, and dynamics derived decades, centuries and thousands of years ago.

It is clear, that supranational organizations that assure stability of civilizations and every civilization, optimally should, or must, implement provisions that require any context or role in civilization that involves synthesis of constructs, decisions or affect to any other among such civilizations, must understand these concepts of logic, reason and population level behavior. The level of irrationality of some of the contexts presented suggest that impaired capacity was exhibited in when such contexts emerged or in allowing such contexts to be sustained.

Specifically, intricate nuances of analysis are not specifically linked to intellect, but require mere objective, intricate application of focused analysis. Particularly, if a depraved outcome emerges, then without question such outcome is comprehensively indicative of diminished capacity and diminished control while if such outcomes involve acts, perspective, artifacts, contexts and conditions that do not exist in nature or which occur differently than such outcomes occur in nature, then it is systems which may be empirically or integrally causal and participative. The remarkable context is that such nuances of reason are not even adequately acknowledge for EMF, RF, atmospheric particulate, aquatic particulate, PFOS, other environmental particulate, GMO factors, and inadequately including PEMT and methylene bridge cysteine in care and therapies, clearly presenting a homologous context in other nuances of systems which likewise disacknowledge systemic imposition of impaired neurological bases of social behavior and schemes that allow benefit to be obtained from exhibition of diminished outcomes.

These analyses found reasonable correlation suggesting that subversion exists and lurks in these contexts and are imposed upon populations when systems are allowed or when systems allow benefit to be obtained from the exhibition of diminished Human outcomes. Humans and even systems themselves are inaccurately attributed causality because all systems of the universe exhibit an inherent propensity to prioritize the system or to prioritize systems over their incipient circumstance, incipient utility, over any other system, and potentially over Humanity. Human priority must be continually directed into, managed among and monitored in assurance of increasing Human priority. Globally, subversive contexts also seem to emerge among inadequate assurance of social welfare and human welfare.

Any civilization that does not pervasively assert, teach, train and acknowledge to its patrons, constituents, populations and workers that inclination, perception, cognition, stimuli/response pairings, ability for conditioned responses to be exhibited and controlled, even motor function and behavior, all can be imposed, imparted through displacement of endogenous inherently originated influence by externally imposed influences, cyclically and systemically shaped, subtly conditioned, all in ways that confirm stereotypes, sustain statistics, confirm diminished perspectives, invoke/impose/conjure subversion or subversive patterns, while also potentiating satisfaction of revenue objectives, objectives that involve exhibition of diminished outcomes, objectives that allow budgeting based upon exhibition of diminished outcomes, and which allow benefit to be obtained from the exhibition of diminished outcomes.

Digestive health emerges as particularly important in contexts of oncology and other diseases. Leaky gut syndrome, including relaxing of tight junction proteins in digestive pathways resultant of EMF/RF exposure, Chlorine/Fluorine in water supplies, and eating meat, chicken, eggs, fish, or choline/phosphatidylcholine dense foods. 3methylaminenoxide is potentiated in such contexts and is the most or among the most causally correlated indicator for sudden adverse health events, sudden adverse behavior and perioperative complications. Massive capabilities exist including prebiotic sodas and drinks, macrobiotic foods, postbiotic foods, probiotic foods, tma lyase downregulators, 33DMB, olive oil, grapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar, specific leaky gut syndrome and biotic therapies and supplements, a regular laxative and intermittent fasting, which can be therapeutic and should always be taken in the morning near breakfast and between evening meal and sleep, or before sleep, because these correlative with post prandial aggregation of 3methylaminenoxide, highest levels of EMF production, release times from particular facilities of systems including health facilities, and most risky instance of the day for sudden adverse health events.

A review of the histology data for PEMT presents that PEMT is remarkably diminished in pervasive oncology histology, while tissues near the digestive pathways, or wet tissues known as splanchnic system tissues, exhibit less remarkable PEMT downregulation in a way that is reasonably correlated with leaky gut syndrome and 3methylaminenoxide. Trimethylamine can be produced in digestive pathways or can be produced when nonresolution cytokines promote relaxation of digestive membranes, enabling trimethylamine to transit such membranes to become reduced by flavin monooxygenases to become 3methylaminenoxide. This syndrome enhances inability to absorb digestive choline and interacts with methylene bridge cysteine to diminish risk for some outcomes and promote risk for exhibition of some other outcomes. 3methylaminenoxide can replace the risk of PEMT downregulation in splanchnic areas, particularly because the major PEMT lock of phosphatidylcholine production, the hepatic organ, is nestled within the splanchnic context, requiring a second hit pathology vector to surmount this phospholipid and choline favored context.

These present how, although countless vectors contributed to methylene bridge cysteine levels, and it requires numerous vectors or numerous 'hits' to cause levels required for disease to emerge, and although aging can be a continuous advancing vector as such 'hits' accumulate, some influences have emerged as being massively useful vectors to downregulate in therapeutic and preventative contexts. This are correlative to how a particular number of substantial adverse social events or outcomes experienced by those among a population are correlated to exhibition to exhibition to even more, even more substantial, and substantially consistent exhibition of other outcomes in such regard.

Although social theory such as behavioral, cognitive, social, economic, cultural or systemic traps emerge as being relevant, these analysis present also that an underlying factor in diminished outcomes and conjuring of subversion into exhibition is that such diminished outcomes are allowed to benefit some entity and that pervasively humans rely upon revenue obtained by roles performed in civilization, organizations, systems or contexts such that they might satisfy human and social requirements themselves. Intricate analysis suggests that, although some contexts present easily ascertainable nuance of victimization, systems are able to impose subtle nuances of victimization that keep Humanity divided by allowing benefit to be obtained from the exhibition of diminished Human outcomes and inadequately transparently presenting the incipient impetus for satisfaction of Human and social requirements as causal factors in diminished Human outcomes. This division can even be promoted among system workers to prevent factors such as methylene bridge cysteine from being acknowledged and included as causal factors in diminished outcomes.

The dysfunction presented in this compendium of research suggests that it is humans, human workers in systems, and particularly nuances of objective reason that have prevented and keep preventing systems from potentiated a much more pervasive scapegoating of humanity that potentiates even abrogation of Humanity. Imposition of artificial intelligence removes Humanity from this regulatory role, suggesting that systems might have or might result in such more encompassing imposition of irrational outcomes. The concept that Human priority is a strong or the most empirical objective of civilizations and systems of civilization, even when Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness are foundational impetuses for exhibition of particular civilizations, might not be the primary spontaneous priorities asserted by systems. Particularly, allegiance to, priority of and sustaining of the systems and constructs may sometimes be asserted as priorities, when these were merely intended to be the silver frame which focus upon and assures achievement of the golden apple priorities of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automaton are not at fault in this regard. Similarly to human populations and systems of civilization, imposing impaired logic and reason resultant of the inherent propensity of systems to prioritize systems over incipient circumstance, incipient utility, and over humanity, emerge as causal factors in this regard. If anything, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation will be a strong and new impetus to unravel these peculiar nuances of disparities, inequity, irrationality, nuances of subversion which have escaped resolution for thousands of years. The potential nuances of hidden and obscured tyranny which have enabled disparate outcomes among Humanity to the favor and benefit of particular majoritarian or elite factions may be substantially disrupted when the machinery and process factors that implement and impose such disparities are shifted to artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation, letting the light shine in on the intricate, convoluted dynamics by which disparities in Human outcomes are enabled, caused and sustained.

AI is likely to enable simpler more complete nuances of logic and reason which more clearly and unobfuscatingly assure the golden apple priorities of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, replacing the existing obfuscated dynamics that have enabled and promoted disparities for thousands of years. Such dynamics will have to be new and have constitute new or more transparent foray into ascertaining nuances of reason, because the dynamics which have been in place may be result in unpredictable outcomes if allowed to be the model for which AI implementation in systems and civilization use as a foundation. The ability of AI derive higher more accurate truths and conclusion are likely to be stifled by imputed stereotypes, scapegoating of less substantial populations, imposition of disparities, imposition of tyranny disguised as majoritarian political dynamics, political competition on which faction is to benefit most from diminished Human outcomes while allowing or enabling such diminished outcomes to continue to occur, attributing causality to individuals or groups while knowing that the actual causal mechanisms continue to occur, and other peculiarities in the deprioritization of Humanity persist. There are already AI algorithms and computing logic which are able to decipher such nuances of flawed reason and flawed logic. AI, ML and RPA may emerge as being leading contexts in which such peril to human populations and deprioritization of Humans in civilizations may be occurring, have occurred, may be emerging, and might be potentiated.

Attributing causality to individuals, particularly without ascertaining incipient, empirical and intricate causalities disrupts the ability to use pipelining models of input, processes and output to ascertain, acknowledge, and resolve such causalities in ways that dispense with the incipient impetus of civilization to improve the human and social condition. It is not suggested that interventions to stabilize or prevent emerged diminished outcomes should not be implemented. Instead, it is observed that such interventions, if depriving Liberty, must be effective, must be implemented to counteract causality and must certainly endeavor to understand how systems may be integral in synthesis, exhibition, continued exhibition or sustaining exhibition of such outcomes, particularly including incipient impetus for civilizations, alleviating social welfare wildernesses, alleviating Human welfare wildernesses, alleviating conditions that involve cortisol or alleviating methylene bridge cysteine, or other factors that diminish conditioning function, control and the neurological bases of social behavior.

Subversive contexts and patterns in subversion often result from, elute information regarding, explain or unlock visibility into these convoluted, sometimes intangible, obscure and obfuscated ways in which systems have been conditioned, trained, structured, imputed with decisions, social constructs, procedural requirements which sustain the status quo, sustain detrimental nuances of the status quo, and allow system to be commandeered by majoritarian or elite factions to scapegoat particular nuances of populations generationally and collaterally.

It is possible the changes in ph, polarity, alkalinity and acidity linked to changes in outcomes might possibly include imposition of external capacitance upon internal physiology.

3methylaminenoxide regulation or essential to vascular health, intima media plasticity, particular of vasculature suppling resources to the brain and decreasing 3methylaminenoxide is one of emerging capabilities to assure vascular plasticity and vascular flow in such regard.

The good news about civilizations and systems are that these inherently exhibit systemic patterns relevant to biology and in some instances elute such homologues strongly when civilizations assert Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness as priorities. This good news suggests that human priority when implementing may galvanize and redirect systems pervasively in direction that imputes even more intricately focused Human benefit and stability. Human priority seems to be similar to hydride in enabling civilizations and systems to become more insightful, responsive and capable of applying systems to the benefit of populations and Humanity, while conditions otherwise in systems may be homologues that are important to understand, acknowledge and resolve at population or physiology levels. It is not too surprising that almost anything which Humans do, as the culmination of the creative forces of the universes, might elute information and elute interactive analytical wisdom resultant of interactions between the ages.

Among this are strongly asserted immunity among system workers and increasing the level at which populations are afforded benefits that more and more accordingly with such immunity, because these cause systems to be the point of interaction among these groups, making it easer to conclude that it is systems that must attributed causality and accountability for outcomes, selecting those whom are able to most stably and consistently produce Human prioritization outcomes, deriving information that can be applied in systemic nuance and training to assure the most Human prioritizing outcomes, and enabling unobfuscated ascertainment of empirical, incipient, and strongest influential factors in deriving both diminished outcomes and enabling the most optimal outcomes. These priorities are being escaped by systems when causality of outcomes are attributed to systems workers or individuals otherwise, and when the causal factors for diminished outcomes are being ignored or unresolved to allow exposure of system workers and populations to outcomes and conditions that are of detriment to perception, cognition, emotional status, stability, and are of detriment otherwise.

Pyst protein and therapies which are to be developed to mimic the activity of Pyst protein, disrupt the warburg effect by preventing P53, in its impaired status, from sequestering DBC1 to participate in producing dysregulation of immunology and metabolism. Pyst protein is derived from a viral vector. Pyst simplifies biology and therapy to levels of the 1910s when antihistamine therapy was emerging as a focused applied capability and before the complexity of biology began to contribute to obfuscated application of practitioner derived knowledge and experience, a process that seems to have emerged as result of the Flexner report and which emerged when dimethylthetin was not rapidly integrated into care in 1878 to diminish methylene bridge cysteine as a factor in diminished human outcomes.

Thus, each of factors and cytokines presented in this context can be used as a therapeutic point or factor to deteriorate pervasive disease and oncology, although these analyses observe that managing methylene bridge cysteine to below 6 or 7 um/L toward 3.7 um/L, results in a 500 to 1 decrease in risk for all cause abated being among a population of 10,000 over decade of observation. Likewise, the gompertz and makeham sigmoid which presents risk for all cause abated being, including mishaps, disease, aging, victimization and other causality, presents a graph or curve that is precisely the same shape as average methylene bridge cysteine (hcy) among mixed gender groups graphed also by age.

The tools or applied capabilities presented on the front page of this site are intended to assist in derivatizing nuances of care, therapy, analysis and decisions which improve human outcomes.

Physicians, Providers, and Facilities are encouraged to carry a reference to the front page of the site on cards, printed document, on walls or in areas of care, including in the chart of those receiving care.

Other members of industries providing services, solutions or products that affect human outcomes are encouraged to do likewise.

The intent is to improve focus on empirical causal mechanisms when providing service.

Document 1 of 7 in the focused document set presented on the front page of this site is an observational derivatized model of biology, optimal and suboptimal.

Document 2 of 7 is an amended version which is a supplement for document 1.

Document 3 is focused document on managing methylene bridge cysteine (hcy)

Document 4 is document exhibiting factors that upregulated methylene bridge cysteine, downregulate PEMT, compete with PEMT for resources, all along with natural, wholistic, Nutraceutical, therapeutic, and pharmacological factors that alleviate such causal factors.

Document 5 is another document exhibiting factors similar to document 4.

Document 6 is an insight, ideation and visualization for the contexts and concepts presented in the compendium of research.

Document 7 is focused starting point for resolving disease and understanding how pervasive human activity, inclination, and outcomes, including nuances of systems, are important observe and analyze with clarity and transparency because the patterns in such contexts pervasively elute into observability esoteric aspects of behavior, biology and systems of the universes.

Several documents exhibit other focused starting points.

Several documents exhibit other focused starting points. information technology systems can be applied to derive the manner of perspectives, analytics, artificial intelligence and derivatization presented in this compendium of research.

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