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Translationalwellness ascertains the factors that are required in disease, impairment, adverse health events, impaired cognition, behavioral health conditions. detrimental behavior and diminished outcomes.  Pervasively, the causal factors of disease and detrimental outcomes persist or emerge, or require detrimental nuances of the status quo.  Thus, a systems, systems of systems, or data view of Human outcomes is required to elute, analyze, prioritize, prevent, intervene and manage diminished Human outcomes.  Importantly, because the intersystemic mechanisms, inaccurate opinion, and contexts that benefit from exhibition of detrimental Human outcomes can produce numerous and possibly comprehensive shaping influences, resulting in outcomes that confirm the status quo, its important to establish reductive, iterative and empirical correlations, mechanistic links, dualities and tuples that rapid and comprehensively explain causalities for such outcomes to prevent data from being excluded, being used to sustain the status quo, being utilized to sustain inadequate opinion and allow benefit to be obtained from exhibition of diminished Human outcomes. Translational wellness enables rapid integration of data, discoveries, understanding, knowledge, innovation, therapies and capabilities into care, systems, organizations, and processes such that providers, researchers, organizations and civilizations to rapidly integrate these into their derivitization processes and improve how these derivatization products or services shape Human outcomes.   


These causal factors capture misinformation, data that confirms misinformation or inaccurate opinion, detrimental nuances of the status quo, preventing these from emerging and persisting by rapidly reducing these to the actual foundational causal factors, influences, susceptibilities, correlations and data, particularly preventing such misinformation or inaccurate opinion from causing massive detrimental outcomes because of delayed imposition of empirical understanding ing into individual, organizational and civilization level dynamics. 

Translationalwellness translates Human outcomes into the causal correlates, factors, enabling mechanism, causal factors, conditions, and susceptibilities that are required for diminished outcomes to occur and which are enabling of optimal Human outcomes.  Translationalwellness also provides an understanding of inertia and friction that prevents Human beneficial observations, data, research, understanding, knowledge, capabilities, improvement, capabilities, care and solutions from being implemented rapidly and comprehensively.   The analyses to this instance provide a perspective, process, technology and a solution that rapidly integrates emerging research, knowledge, capabilities, correlates and information, as well as data, into care, systemic priorities, and in Human prioritizing processes in civilizations.   The sample artifacts on this site are a minuscule representation of the compendium of research.  However, among the more than 130 causal indicators of Human quality of being, duration of being and vital being, by the time 10th indicator is managed, hardly any disease or detrimental outcome exists. 


The clinical, behavioral, and systemic indicators present here tangentially destabilize diminished Human outcomes at their foundations.  The analyses present an empirical perspective of why diminished outcomes occur and present mechanisms to manage that are external to Human physiology as well as some which enable Humans to produce conscious control and understanding the fields, capacitance, and hydridic nuances that comprise perception, cognition, patterning, control, emotion and behavior.  These enables individual, groups, populations, systems of civilizations, as well as Humanity to observe, analyze, understand, and optimally manage interactions among systems of the Universe in a conscious, observant, beneficent and productive way.    

Each indicator is accompanied by information that presents how to manage such indicator using environmental, systemic, natural and pharmacological level factors.  Each indicator is and can be considered to understand which diminished outcomes which it is required for, causal of, correlated with, eluted by or inversely related to.   Each diminished outcome, condition, disease, status are considered by understanding which of the indicators it requires, caused by, elutes, are correlated with or are inversely correlated with.

Translational wellness explores the factors that comprise conscious cognitive function, vital being functions, how to assure, sustain or reconstitute these, as well as determines interactive factors in the phenomenon known as the social transformation of medicine.   This phenomenon exhibits projection of Human requirements into civilization structure and function and as well as the eluting of Human requirements as outcomes at human, civilization, systems and geopolitical levels.  This include exploring why it is essential that civilizations emerge among populations that that have Human requirements satisfied and conscious cognitive function assure since civilizations requisitely are extensions of conscious cognition with established guiding Human priorities.  Similarly, these explore the utilization of information technology to produce functional organizational conscious contexts that produce AI, Machine Learning, Human Learning, and synthesis of derivatives that released into civilizations to shape Human outcomes with synergies between Humans and the objectives organizations utilize to serve its customers and workers.  These include establishment of intersystemic mechanisms, causal factors, mechanistic links, tensors, predictive analytics, descriptive analytics, dualities, tuples, and other Data science factors that transform organizations into efficient, sustainable, high valence entities focused on delivery intense value including deep value in which organizations come to understand the customer more intimately than the customers understand themselves.

Algorithms and technologies produced at translational wellness, then, rapidly integrate innovation, discoveries and understanding not only into service, products, solutions, and decisions, but also rapidly deliver these to the point of care, point of service, and into wider aspects of civilization.  These processes have much similarity to hydridic systems that rapidly and efficiently integrate and sustain conscious capacitant fields essential to vital being, consciousness and conscious cognitive function.

Very specific causal factors in disease are presented in the artifacts.  These describe how the indicators cause and are required by every disease and how to foundationally destabilize pervasive disease and diminished outcomes. 

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Mapped Indicators, succinct list of circumstances or toxic vectors along with some mapped
Translational Wellness Clinical Platform, Clinical API and modular interactive stack visua
Translational Wellness Visualization comparative visualization with leading translational
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Translational Wellness Clinical Platform, Clinical API and modular interactive stack visua
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